Monday, June 8, 2015

Days Six and Seven...Building Documentation!

The next two days of the field school focused on building documentation. Led by SEMO HP graduate Richard Young, the students learned the basics of measured drawings and then recorded the Theophilus Dufour House.

Karen Bode-Baxter taught us how to properly document a building using photos. We put our new photography skills to use on the same house. Building documentation is an important facet of historic preservation. Measured drawing and photos are needed for tax credits projects, National Register nominations and section 106 compliance, just to name a few.

Yet another successful department alumni, Jesse Francis, gave us a hands on experience using traditional techniques to make one of the distinct mortise and tenon joints that make up many of the French Colonial buildings we have gotten to know so well. Mr. Francis has played a major role in restoring several of the most significant vertical log buildings in Ste. Genevieve. The time, labor, and expertise it required to make even one joint gave us a true appreciation for the skill needed to construct these architectural treasures.

Chiseling The Mortise 

Dr. Hoffman Takes His Turn 

Hacking Away 

It's Harder Than It Looks 

Laura Deep In Thought 

Learning the Ropes of Measured Drawings 

Making Pegs 

Mapping the Attic of the Parfait-Dufour House 

Master of the Tape Measure 

Never Enough Tape Measures?! 

Photographic Documentation of the Theophilus Defour House 


Puzzling It Out 

Reviewing Some Photos 

Richard Young Teaching the Crew the Basics 

Sarah Was a Natural 

Sawing is a Group Effort 

The Green Tree Tavern

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