Friday, May 22, 2015

Days Two and Three...Let The Work Begin!

Greetings from Ste. Genevieve! Day 2 field school was jam-packed with a variety of interpretive experiences. We started at the Ste. Genevieve Welcome Center, before touring the Felix Valle House and the Shaw Houses, both operated by the Felix Valle State Historic Site. Next we visited the Lalumundier House, a fully restored vertical log home, circa 1830. This type of vernacular residence is an example of how the more “common” people of Ste. Genevieve lived.

On day 3 we got the opportunity to work on restoring wooden windows for the Felix Valle House, We scraped off the deteriorated glazing and applied a new compatible material in preparation for repainting. Au revoir à bientôt!!

18th Century Abacus 

Beautiful Norman Truss Roof Structure 

Claw Foot Couch - Felix Valle House 

HP at the Felix Valle House 

More Claw Feet in the Felix Valle House 

Onwards and Upwards in the Lalumundier House 

The Group Ready to Go! 

Touring the Felix Valle Historic Site 

Turn of the 18th Century Tea Set at the Felix Valle House 

Restoring Windows

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day One...Off To A Great Start!

Hello All! Greetings from the 17th annual Southeast Missouri State University Historic Preservation Field School. Once again, Dr. Steven Hoffman will be leading students on a hands-on intellectual adventure through the French Colonial architecture of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. We kicked off the first day touring the Bauvais-Amoureux and Bolduc Houses, both beautifully preserved examples of vertical log construction. Famous local resident and former Site Administrator for the Felix Vallé State Historic Site, Jim Baker, will be accompanying us each day. His expertise and experience in historic preservation as well as his deep knowledge of Ste. Genevieve’s colorful past will be valuable learning tools for students. Donna Raush, a famous SEMO HP alumni and the current Site Administrator, will also be assisting us throughout the field school. Check back for exciting updates of our journey in the days to come!

Diorama of Ste. Genevieve 

Gather Around to Hear the Stories 

Listening in the Rose Garden 

Orientation in the Creole House 

Restoration in Action at the Bolduc House