Monday, June 8, 2015

Day Eight...Archaeology!!

Day 8 was all about archaeology! We continued to excavate in the units we started the previous week. The unit behind the garage contained an astonishing variety of historical artifacts, ranging from a 1944 penny, to depression era glass, to mid 19th century ceramic transfer ware. This mix extended about 30 cm and indicates a disturbed surface layer that is overlying an undisturbed one. The other unit beside the house exposed a large horizontal slab of concrete, overlying a horizontal natural stone block. The concrete is most likely part of a historic sidewalk and the other stone is visually similar to the ones used in the removed chimney. While it feels like we ended with more questions than answers, next year’s field school will use our preliminary findings to design further research at this site.    

Digging, Screening, and Recording 

Even Back Filling Is Fun 

Kyle Looking Way Too Cool 

Looking For The Chimney

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